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Kanagawa Prefecture West Edition DMO
Kanagawa West Tourism Convention Bureau
Background to establishment

2016.6 Kanagawa Prefecture West Edition DMO! Regional DMO operation started!

Purpose of establishment
To seize the opportunity of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and promote sports and culture promotion, regional economic revitalization, tourism promotion, etc. by various actors within the framework of the western part of Kanagawa Prefecture, Odawara City, Hakone Town, Odawara The City Athletic Association and the Odawara Hakone Chamber of Commerce and Industry were the founders of the "Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Kanagawa Prefecture Western Liaison Committee".
At the liaison meeting, 67 organizations such as companies, related organizations, and local governments in the western part of the prefecture aim to discuss the efforts and cooperation of each entity, including information sharing, and to make efforts toward the reality. It was composed, and regular meetings were held in two subcommittees, the Sports / Culture Promotion Subcommittee and the Economic Revitalization / Tourism Promotion Subcommittee, and in June 2015, a certain amount of coordination was made.

After that, in order to embody the summarized theme, first, the core members will play a central role in sharing information on the efforts of each entity, setting up a place to clarify the efforts of the coordinated components, and setting up a subcommittee for each content listed there. The policy has been set up so that the government (secretariat) will take on the role of collecting information (cooperation with the national and prefectural governments and subsidies), and the private sector will take on the role of implementing each subcommittee. Since July 2015, we have been holding the core member meeting of the Kanagawa Prefecture Western Liaison Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Among them, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics competition is the only way to share information and cooperate with the government, tourism associations, and related organizations, knowing that the government and each tourism association are not able to share information and cooperate based on tourism. We came to the conclusion that it is the first foundation to seize the opportunity of the Games, and for that purpose, it is necessary to create a practical organization.

Among them, I learned that there is a "DMO (Destination Marketing / Management Organization)" that is an organization / function that creates a tourist area from the perspective of "tourist destination management", and DMO formulates a tourism strategy based on marketing. Since it is a function / organization responsible for the management of tourism business, such as promotion and formation of agreements with a wide range of stakeholders in the region, as a practical organization, it should play an important role in attracting customers in the western part of the prefecture based on this DMO. , Established the "Prefectural West Edition DMO Establishment Preparatory Committee" for the establishment of regional cooperation type DMO, and wants to promote regional economic revitalization and tourism promotion by various actors, and prepares by coordinating with the government. We have advanced. And this time, in June 2016, we will establish "Kanagawa West Tourism Convention Bureau" as Kanagawa Prefecture West Edition DMO.

"Kanagawa Tourism West Convention Bureau" is a general incorporated association that gathers members mainly from companies and related organizations in the western part of the prefecture, and cooperates with various actors to revitalize the local economy and promote tourism. , We will realize tourism cooperation to increase the ability to attract customers in western Kanagawa Prefecture, and aim to create a vibrant area based on cooperation and information sharing.


Wide area cooperation DMO

An organization that creates a tourism area by conducting marketing, management, etc. as a tourism area that integrates local block-level areas that straddle multiple prefectures.

Regional Cooperation DMO Kanagawa West Tourism Convention Bureau

An organization that creates a tourist area by conducting marketing, management, etc. as a tourist area that integrates areas that straddle multiple local public organizations.

Regional DMO Odawara DMO / Hakone DMO

As a general rule, an organization that creates a tourism area by conducting marketing, management, etc. as a tourism area that integrates the areas of independent municipalities that are the basic municipalities.

* In forming and establishing a wide-area cooperation DMO and a regional cooperation DMO, it is not always necessary for the regions to be adjacent to each other as long as there is a common concept among the regions to cooperate with.

Kanagawa West Tourism Convention Bureau

It is a regional cooperation DMO.

Odawara DMO / Hakone DMO

It is a regional DMO.

What is the difference between each DMO?

The difference is whether marketing and management are carried out in each region or in collaboration with each region. There are further groups, unions, and companies in each city and town. ・ Regional DMOs share regional information and fulfill tourism cooperation as a region. Wide-area cooperation DMOs share regional DMO marketing and management information, and regions cooperate with each other. It is an organization that collects information through marketing and management, including tourist information.

The number of tourists coming in ... The unit price of tourism consumption ... The number to aim for, such as the economic cycle in the region, is set, and the tourist situation is checked with only the numbers that cannot be used in the overflowing data. The actual situation and situation of tourism in each city and town are shared, and on-site professionals gather several times a month to share problems, gather wisdom to solve them, think about countermeasures, and take action. I feel that exchanges and collaborations connected by tourism will change this area.

Kanagawa west Convention


Visitors Bureau

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