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Odawara City Tourism Association

This is the Odawara Navi page that collects tourist information on Odawara operated by the Odawara City Tourism Association.

Hakone Town Tourism Association Official Website Full of hot springs, inns, hotels, and tourist information!

For sightseeing and travel information in Hakone, leave it to Hakone Town Tourism Association official website "Hakone Zenzan"! Accommodation information for inns and hotels. A restaurant that is satisfying for gourmet food. A one-day hot spring that will satisfy your body and soul. A spot where you can play with Hakone! A souvenir packed with memories of your trip. Official site Full of recommended information!

Yugawara Onsen Tourism Association

It is full of useful information for traveling, such as sightseeing information on Yugawara Onsen in Kanagawa Prefecture, recommended spots and inns.

Manazuru Town Tourism Association

It is a convenient information site for traveling, such as tourist information, recommended spots and inns. Although it is a town with many slopes, there is also a plan where you can fully enjoy Manazuru Suisse with an electrically power assisted bicycle.

Kanagawa Prefecture Minamiashigara City Tourism Association Official Homepage

Information on recommended sightseeing spots and events in Minamiashigara

Yamakita Town Tourism Association Official Website

Yamakita Town has Lake Tanzawa, which was selected as one of the 100 Selected Dam Lakes, in the center of the town.
The Tanzawa Mountains, which occupy most of the town area, are lined with beautiful mountains, and mountain climbing,
Great for hiking.

A campsite along the Nakagawa River that runs through the town
Mountain stream fishing spot, and Nakagawa Onsen.
To the west is the Yushin Valley, which is famous for its autumn colors.
Canoeing that can be enjoyed at Lake Tanzawa and trout grabbing that can be enjoyed at the campsite along the Yozuku River.
If you want to enjoy nature as a family, with friends, or as a couple, please come to Yamakita Town.

Oi Town Tourist Site

Information on recommended sightseeing spots and events in Oimachi

Kaisei Town, Ashigarakami District, Kanagawa Prefecture --Sightseeing

Ashigari Township Seto Mansion

The Seto Mansion is located in Kanaishima, in the northern part of Kaisei Town, and was built by the Seto family, who served as the former owner of Kanaishima for generations during the Edo period.

Hydrangea Village

A rainbow road with 5,000 hydrangeas in full bloom

Ron-chan (Romancecar)

The leading car of the romance car (3100 type) transferred from Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. is exhibited at Kaisei Ekimae No. 2 Park.

Kanagawa Prefecture Nakai Town Hall Nakai Town Tourist Guide

Maps are distributed at the office, Industrial Promotion Division, Inoguchi Public Hall, Satoyama Direct Sales Office, and Satomachi CAFE. Yuho Nakai can now be viewed on smartphones and tablets using the app (Avenza Maps).

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