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"Kanagawa West Tourism Convention Bureau"

About Kanagawa west Convention & Visitors Bureau

[Kanagawa West Tourism Convention Bureau]
Area centered on 2 cities and 8 towns in western Kanagawa prefecture
・ Odawara City ・ Minamiashigara City ・ Nakai Town ・ Oi Town ・ Matsuda Town
・ Establish the western Kanagawa brand starting from Yamakita Town, Kaisei Town, Hakone Town, Manazuru Town, and Yugawara Town, promote the revitalization of the local economy by expanding the exchange population, and realize a prosperous local community. We will build an organization for the purpose of.
Toward the establishment of DMO

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Kanagawa Prefecture Western Liaison Committee Subcommittee will demonstrate the strong leadership of Odawara and Hakone as (Japanese version DMO), and "Western Kanagawa Prefecture" will become a region (brand) chosen by many people in Japan and abroad. In addition, we have decided to establish a new organization "Kanagawa West Tourism Convention Bureau" in order to develop and reorganize into an organization that can manage the entire area from a bird's-eye view.

The "Kanagawa West Tourism Convention Bureau" will be based on attracting tourists for the 2019 Rakuby World Cup and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, based on the formulation of a solid marketing strategy and independent decisions. In addition to implementing tourism development, based on the progress of the national and prefectural "regional revitalization" efforts, the prefecture's western region revitalization project ("curing pre-illness" efforts), and the Kanagawa Sea project, tourism-related businesses and related businesses We will cooperate with companies in a wide area, demonstrate stronger leadership as the flagship of the Kanagawa prefecture brand, and build a promotion system.

[DMO] -Abbreviation for Destination Management / Marketing Organization, a comprehensive strategy for creating towns, people, and work. An organization found mainly in the United States and Europe that integrates strategy formulation, various surveys, marketing, product creation, promotion, etc.
The Japanese version of the DMO will be established as a "regional cooperation DMO " among the three types of "wide area cooperation DMO", " regional cooperation DMO ", and "regional DMO".

[Kanagawa West Tourism Convention Bureau]
2 cities and 8 towns in western Kanagawa prefecture (Odawara city, Minamiashigara city, Nakai town, Oi town, Matsuda town, Yamakita town, Kaisei town, Hakone town, Mazuru town, Yugawara town) We will establish an organization with the aim of promoting the revitalization of the local economy by expanding the exchange population and realizing a prosperous local community.
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